Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Stand at Huntington Park

Here are some photos of the caricature stand at Huntington Park. Business is much better in this location than the original location, so things are looking up! It's been a lot of hard work, but I've had a lot of fun and am starting to see some profit.

Last night was my best night yet at the park! I drew 39 people and was busy for almost the entire game, including a bit before the game when usually no one gets drawn because they are so focused on finding their seats.

(click on photos to see a larger version)

A couple of happy customers! Usually the drawings have a baseball theme, but the heads filled the page, so I just made it fun with a little "rabbit ears" action. Because I was so busy, I didn't take time to take client photos, but this should give you an idea at what I'm doing...


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Caricatures at Clippers Games!

After three months of trying, I now have a caricature booth at Columbus Clipper home games at Huntington Park! The booth started business on Saturday the 13th, and I am hoping to continue working at home games through the end of the season.

Thus far sales have not been great, but we may need to work out location and pricing to find the best combination. If you are in the Columbus area, come by the park and say "hi"!

I'll try to post pictures soon. Stay tuned!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gig Photos from May

I had several gigs in May (which is why I didn't have much time to blog), and here are a few of my favorites from those gigs:

(click on any picture for a larger view)

Strongsville HS Afterprom, 5/1/09

Dublin Senior Center, 5/19/09

Ohio State, 5/30/09

... and then, right after this gig, I must have dropped my camera because the LED screen is now cracked and now I have to get a new screen or a new camera. I hate these stupid fragile digital cameras! That's the third time that this has happened. They are really weak and rendered completely useless by the most minor of dings. I'm thinking of switching to either a rubber camera or a cheapie without the luxury of a screen on the back. Ugh...